New Developer Program

The Bioconductor New Developer Program is intended to be a group-mentorship/buddy program for would-be, new, or hesitant developers or for developers who wish to refresh their skills.

The goal of the program is to welcome and onboard new developers, develop educational material to assist new developers, improve the quality of packages submitted to Bioconductor, and strengthen community and interactions between Bioconductor developers.


We envisage each program cycle lasting six months and running concurrently with the Bioconductor release schedule. The exact format is yet to be decided and mentors will have a strong influence on how they would like to structure the program.

Expression of interest

As a first step in initiating the mentorship program, we are seeking to find experienced package developers who would be interesting in being a mentor, passing on their skills, and helping to shape the program. If that sounds like you, please register your interest using this form